Author Guidelines

General Provisions

  1. Manuscripts can be the results of research or conceptual articles in the field of law
  2. Manuscripts must be written in Indonesian or English
  3. Paragraph format provisions:
    Times New Roman, 2 spacing, font size 12 pt.
  4. In particular, typing of the article's title must follow the format below: 
    font Cambria16 pt, bold, centrecapitalize each word, dan no more than 15 words.
  5. Citations should use References Manager Software such as Mendeley, Endnote software or anything else which use American Pscychological Association 6th Edition style
  6. When referring to a chapter, the initial letter of the word "Article" is written in capital letters
  7. When referring to a section the initial letter of the word "section" os written in lower case and the verse number is in parentheses. Examples: chapter (2)
  8. Research articles and conceptual ideas consist of 3000-5000. The author should avoid enumerative method of explanation
  9. Tables and Figures (see explanation)
  10. References must include the most recent references (last 5 years and must use primary sources/journals (at least 50% of all references are journals)
  11. Abbreviations of names of laws and regulations are left to the style of each author, as long as they used consistently. The suggested form, for example: Law No. 30 of 2014
  12. If in a direct quotation a phrase, paragraph, or article formulation has a part that is omitted, please indicate the omitted part with an ellipsis enclosed in a square brackets “[…]”.
  13. The author is advised to avoid the enumerative method of description
  14. Academic degrees are not listed in the bibliography

If the author use a table in his manuscript, the table is written with consecutive numbers. Table writing format can be seen in this file file

When using images in writing, the images must be of high resolution, therefore, won't pixelated when get printed

Supporting instruments such as tables and figures must be accompanied by analysis or explanation of these instruments and their relevance to the author's writing

Numbering Format for Manuscript:

The numbering of chapters and sub-chapters in writing the Legal Problems manuscript uses the numbering system as illustrated in this file



Journal Article

Bima, M. R. (2019). Implementation of State of Emergency Within the Constitusional Law System in Indonesia. Diponegoro Law Review4(1), 405.

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Prosiding Article

Hidayat, A. (2012). Negara Hukum Pancasila (Suatu Model Ideal Penyelenggaraan Negara Hukum). In Prosiding Konggres Pancasila IV:Strategi Pelembagaan Nilai-Nilai Pancasila dalam Menegakkan Konstitusionalitas Indonesia (pp.56–65). Yogyakarta: PSP Press Universitas Gadjah Mada.

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Book Section

Shah, R., Gao, Z., Mittal, H., Shah, R., Gao, Z., & Mittal, H. (2015). Chapter 5 – Laws, Rules, and Role of Government Institutions. In Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Economy in the US, China, and India (pp. 67–100).

Thesis or Dissertation

Saragih, B. (2015). Kebijakan Pengawasan Terhadap Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia (Polri) Sebagai Penegak Hukum yang Profesional Dalam Perspektif Sistem Peradilan Pidana. Bandung: UNPAR.


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